Our Company

Our Story

Founded in 1971

When it was founded in 1971 in ST CHAMOND, LOIRE INDUSTRIE was a machining company specialized in the joint flange market. Thanks to its know-how and its reactivity, the company has specialized in short time to process urgent orders for regional contractors.

From 1990 To 2010

LOIRE INDUSTRIE becomes a key player in the oil, chemical and industrial market thanks to its technical expertise, machining capabilities and large stock of connection flanges. Strong growth and a high level of investment allow the company to shine on the national market.

In 2010

LOIRE INDUSTRIE diversifies its activity and develops a new free forging and circular rolling activity by investing in its own forging line (press, rolling mill, furnace, etc.) located next to the machining workshop in ST CHAMOND.
From machinist, the company evolves into a complete service provider for the manufacture of forged, processed, machined products to meet a wider customer panel.


Thanks to the variety and importance of its stock of materials, the pooling of the skills of its teams in forging and machining, and the integration of the means of controls necessary for critical markets; the company becomes an approved supplier to major contractors in the aerospace, nuclear and defence markets.
Our material and human investments allow the company to develop in a sustainable way, and to consolidate our position as a national player in markets of the future.